About Me.

My name is Marie Stopperka, founder of Resonanz- Office for Mediation and Conflict-Management. I am a social pedagogue (B.A.) and a licensed mediator.


I noticed early on that conflicts in our society are usually very negative and that the potential that can arise from a conflict is often completely forgotten.


In my studies of educational science and sociology, as well as a social pedagogue, I have always had a great interest in the dynamics of conflicts and processes. I was fascinated by the question of how people in a conflict can see eye to eye with the help of constructive communication.


By living in a binational partnership, I know that a different culture of origin can be a major challenge for close relationships, such as a partnership.


Accompanying (binational) couples and families in their processes of growth and change has become a special focus for me.


I also like to accompany groups and teams in their solution and conflict processes. In doing so, I maintain awareness of the small details as well as the big picture and am happy to work with you to organize different goals, wishes and needs in order to arrive at a sustainable solution.


I endeavour to work  in a racism-sensitive manner.

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Resonanz- Office for Mediation
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Marie Stopperka