Conflict Coaching

Are you in a conflict, but the other party is not ready for mediation? With the help of my conflict coaching, I would be happy to support you in working out your wants and needs independently and in a self-determined manner, and in finding an awareness of behaviour patterns and beliefs.


Conflict coaching is a procedure that aims to strengthen the self and to become aware of needs, but also of patterns in conflict situations. The focus is on you and your central challenge. This could also apply to an internal conflict, for example.


As a conflict coach, it is important to me to support you in finding your own solutions, to ascertain needs and wishes together with you and then to work on an implementation.



 (preliminary discussion free of charge)

Conflict Coaching:

In the case of low-wage earners or students, I am open to adjusted prices.

Contact me without obligation by email or phone and together we can see what makes sense for you and your conflict!

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