Mediation is a structured, voluntary and open-ended procedure to reach the constructive solution of a conflict. Mediators act as independent third parties and accompany the conflict parties through their solution process. 


With mediation, a space is created in which conflicting parties can independently develop regulations for current conflicts. This can be a basis for resolving future issues or conflicts independently and amicably. 


Mediation promotes security, clarity and understanding

Security, because the result is determined by you and is also recorded in writing by me. 

Clarity, because only what you accept is agreed upon. As a mediator, I pay attention to clear communication.
Understanding, because mediation can provide a consensual conflict solution and I create a framework for protection, respect and appreciation. 


I work as an individual mediator or in co-mediation with certified colleagues. 

Mediation is also possible via video conference.


Types of Mediation

Mediation as a process can be used in almost all areas of conflict.

I offer mediation in the following areas:

  • Family mediation
  • (Binational) couple mediation
  • Separation mediation
  • Neighborhood mediation
  • Mediation of teams and groups 

(Preliminary talk free of charge)

Mediation with a mediator:

Mediation in Co-Mediation:

Mediation for groups / teams:

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